> How do you define success? How do you quantify your objectives?

> Regularly measure the initiatives you took to see the impact on your organization.

> Fine tune the activation or design a new one for next year. 


     Measure the impact

> Activate the sponsorship within your whole organization and share it with as many departments as possible. 

> Go beyond your organization and try to understand how such an asset can help your relationships with suppliers and customers. 

> Allocate an activation budget to maximize the impact of the asset on your organization. 


     Activate the sponsorship in as many ways as possible

> Align your agenda with that of the sponsored partner (team, event or celebrity) to fully benefit from the collective momentum. 

> Find ways to expand this partnership beyond what is written in the contract and build win-win alliances (e.g. product integration).

> Always ask yourself what you can bring to the partner and vice-versa to fully take advantage of the relationship.


     Create Synergies with the partner

> There needs to be a natural fit between your company and the celebrity or sponsorship. We will look at the brand values, social demographics and 

      geographic resonance behind an asset plus other key elements before making a recommendation based on your objectives.

> We have the capabilities to test the market before you make any decision in order choose the most suitable asset.


     Choose a partner that fits your brand

> What are you trying to achieve with this sponsorship or endorsement?

> How do you plan on using the asset in your work every day? 

> What is your agenda or timeline? Designing a well-rounded activation program takes time and usually requires more than one year. 


     Clearly define your objectives

The                        expertise

5 essential steps to a successful partnership