These guiding principles are a way of life for every employee of Mandaray and serve as the foundation for building strong, trust-based relationships among employees and clients. In times of adversity, they help us to make the right decision. 

Honesty & Integrity

We are committed to building an environment based on trust among employees and with our clients. We pride ourselves on having the courage to do the right thing.

Personal Accountability
Each employee takes responsibility for his or her own actions and respects other employees’ responsibility and work. This means accepting the consequences of one’s actions, whatever those may be, as well as giving credit where it’s due.

Respect & Humility
At Mandaray, we are committed to keeping a modest and respectful attitude as a group and as individuals. This means openness and truthfulness.

Mandaray's vision is to become the leading China-based sport and celebrity marketing firm with the largest portfolio of brand assets and to create a tangible impact with every client.


Mandaray is a brand consulting agency specializing in high-profile brand assets such as sport sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, VIP entertainment and private investments. Mandaray’s mission is to assist clients in selecting the right asset that fits their brand and marketing goals, articulating a clear marketing strategy around it and driving the highest ROI possible through activation and metrics evaluation.

Mandaray probably has the largest network of foreign sports properties and regional celebrities in China.

Sports - Premium Portfolio in China

We are one of the few international sport marketing agencies working with leading properties and teams in China and worldwide. Our objective is to associate Chinese brands with foreign sports teams and vice versa. 

Some other agencies specialize in a certain sport (e.g. motorsport) and try to tie it into your brand. We take the opposite approach: We first seek to understand your company and its strategic and geographic necessities before recommending the right sport sponsorship asset for your company. 

 Celebrities - Access to 600+ Local & International Celebrities

We have access to more than 200 celebrities throughout Asia and 400+ Western celebrities (US and EU) in the entertainment, fashion and sports industries. We can access any chosen celebrity upon request using the large network we have developed over the years. 

Our portfolio ranges from regional celebrities (e.g. Shanghai models or fashion designers) to some of the most famous people on the planet such as Hollywood A-listers, soccer stars or international singers. 

 China - Since 2007

We've been in China since 2007 and have been involved in sport marketing and celebrity endorsement since 2009, with the signature of the first sponsorship contract between a Formula One team and a leading Chinese company - the first big sport sponsorship contract between a Chinese company and a foreign property. 

​We have a successful track-record of executing marketing and consulting projects with Chinese multinationals, Chinese-listed companies, state-owned enterprises and local agencies. We are fluent in Mandarin and proficient with the Chinese business culture. 

​Today we are present in Shanghai, Hong Kong and London. To get in touch with us please email us at


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"Rather than focus on one sport in particular, we instead recommend the most suitable sponsorship based on your brand strategy and business objectives."


Mandaray's mission is to help our clients and partners build their brand through the use of high-profile brand assets.