Measuring the Impact - Because You Can't Improve What You Can't Measure

Sponsorships and endorsements can be very costly and should be carefully measured. How many people have been exposed to your sponsorship and through which media? How much was the cost per reach (cost to reach one person)? How much un-aided awareness has your brand gained? How much more likely are people to consider your products and services?

​Mandaray helps you measure the impact created by your asset and the activation around it. Several methods can be used depending on the items we want to measure, such as target reach out, recall, sentiments towards your brand, purchase intentions, etc.

Many big businesses primarily use sports like F1 as a platform for B2B networking and sales. 

Only pay for the items you will use; too many sponsors pay for rights that they never use.


Consultation & Research - Understanding Your Brand

Mandaray uses a process of discovery, insights and analysis to define strategic imperatives, establish objectives, clarify the role of the asset (sport sponsorship, celebrity or event) and establish budgets. At the request of our client, we create tailor-made market research to identify the asset or celebrity most suited to your brand values and geographical imperatives. 

We apply a strategy consulting framework to identify the best assets for your brand and its objectives. Our mission is to understand your brand universe: Your brand values, equity and strategy as well as the competitive landscape. Only then will we start looking for the right assets. 

Deal Negotiation - Tailored to Your Needs

Mandaray has vast experience in negotiating celebrity endorsement or sport sponsorship contracts and understands the main drivers behind each contract. Based on your budget and objectives, we negotiate the contract most suited to your needs and ensure that the rights and benefits included in the contract are truly useful. We also work with you to find the best alternatives to maximize the ROI on a contract. 

Message Development & Strategy - Articulating the Mission of the Sponsorship

​It is important to define what the company is trying to achieve with their sponsorship or endorsement. As such, one of the first missions is to define how the asset (e.g. sponsorship) will be used across the company by all the different stakeholders (sales, HR, finance, etc.) and develop a message which will embody the idea behind the sponsorship. 

Mandaray will assist you in developing a compelling communication strategy that will take full advantage of the negotiated rights and ensures that the message is effectively reaching its target audience.

Marketing Communication & Design - Translating the Sponsorship into Everyday Marketing Assets

Once the message has been established, Mandaray will assist you in creating powerful designs that will capture the essence of the partnership proposition. Our services extend from designing ads to brochures or giveaways related to the asset.

Our team can also help you in promoting the newly acquired asset within your own organization. Making sure all parties fully understand the asset and how it is supposed to be used is essential to successful activation. 

Corporate Hospitality - Taking Care of Your Guests

Mandaray provides all the necessary logistical and on-the-ground support to make sure your guests enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. We can take care of everything from tickets order and delivery, transportation to and from the event and on-site assistance. You won’t have to worry about anything - just enjoy the show! 

On-site & Experiential Marketing - Engaging the Fans

On-site activation engages a larger audience by making the sponsorship part of the event itself and letting the audience experience
your brand and its products. As such, consumers are more likely to remember their interaction with the brand. On-site events are also a great way to recruit new customers and populate your database (CRM, social networks, etc.) with qualified leads. 

Our team will work with you to develop a compelling event that reflects your brand identity and fits within the activation strategy. Mandaray provides all the necessary support to make sure events are successful.

B2B - Connect to increase sponsorship ROI

The ultimate goal of a sponsorship or endorsement is to increase sales. This is not a long-term goal but rather a priority even before signing the contract. At Mandaray, we will constantly advise you on how to use your asset to drive revenue, create B2B connections with other partners, and design a powerful sales incentive around the asset.