Ex: Roger Federer / Photo Credit: Moet & Chandon

4000+ celebrities

  • Multi-Year Global Brand Ambassador: Put the celebrity at the center of your marketing strategy. The contract will be tailored to your brand's activation needs and usually includes events attendances and promotional rights on all media.

  • Multi-Market Brand Endorsement: Select a local celebrity to endorse your brand in one or several selected markets. We can also hire a celebrity for a particular campaign, media, or period of time (e.g. 2 months, print only).

  • Red Carpet Events: Invite celebrities to attend the opening of your latest boutique, product launch or charity event. Their presence will attract the media and the celebrities will post pictures of the event on their official social networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc.).

  • Speaking Opportunities: Invite a world-renowned expert for a speech or to lead a debate during your company seminar, symposium or convention. Speakers can also be booked for special events such as an opening ceremony or graduation. Speakers can be retired athletes or coaches, influential business leaders or visionaries, etc.

  • Social Networking Buzz: Ask a celebrity for a certain number of posts through his or her social media mentioning your brand. This is used extensively by brands for “seeding” products and is the cheapest form of endorsement.

a celebrity? WHAT for?

Mandaray uses a process of discovery, insights and analysis to define strategic imperatives, establish objectives, clarify the role of the ambassador and establish budgets.

Proprietary market research can then be used to identify the celebrities that best fit your project. 

The                         expertise

Celebrity endorsement and brand ambassador programs started to become very popular in the 80's, with associations like Nike and Michael Jordan. Today, around 15% of all advertisements feature celebrities and it is a very effective tool to build brand equity and trust. 

Studies have shown that consumers tend to be more loyal and trust brands that are endorsed by a celebrity. The product will also appear more safe and desirable. 

Endorsement is an effective way of "soft advertising" - the celebrity speaks positively of the brand in various media without sounding like a sales-rep from the company, which is probably the most effective way to start a buzz and get the media and social networks to talk about your product.

Putting a face and a voice to a brand to create trust 

Celebrity endorsement