Business leaders (e.g. Richard Branson)

Tech gurus (e.g. Steve Wozniak, Chad Hurley – co-founder of Youtube)

Motivational speakers (e.g. Felix Baumgartner, James Cameron, Oprah)

Sport Figures (e.g. Sir Alex Ferguson, Mike Phelps)

Actors / Musicians / Artists (e.g. Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman) 

Comedians (e.g. Jay Leno, Will Ferrell)

Fashion figures (e.g. Tyra Banks, Donna Karan)

Chefs (e.g. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay)

Best-selling authors (e.g. J.K. Rowling) 

Mandaray can provide you with some of the most influential speakers on the planet to inspire, entertain, motivate or educate your audience. From adventurers, sports heroes and entrepreneurs to business figures, politicians, community leaders and more, we help you choose from the best. Many of the speakers in our network have participated in TED conferences.

Motivate, inspire, entertain, Educate

  • A headliner to draw a crowd and promote ticket sales​
  • Kick-off a conference with flair
  • Become a champion for your cause
  • Workshops for your VIPs (e.g. cooking classes)
  • University graduation speech

Speakers Category

in a variety of concepts

Keynote  speakers