What to sponsor?

The value of a sport sponsorship iS

the emotional connection it creates with people

Mandaray will assist you in identifying and negotiating the best opportunities with a team that fits your brand strategy and commercial goals.

Our team will then work with you to activate the sponsorship and maximize your ROI.

The                        expertise

​​Sport Marketing

  • Sport team (e.g. Scuderia Ferrari F1): Useful for global impact. Associate your brand with the team's history, its athletes and performances. Such sponsorship usually drive more emotion and allows you to activate the sponsorship across different markets and over the course of several months. 

  • An event, race, or tournament (e.g. Monaco F1 Gran Prix): Useful for a strong regional impact. Such sponsorship will drive tremendous visibility in a particular market over a shorter period of time. Ideal when coupled with a robust activation (PR and events). 

Sport sponsorship is one of the fastest ways of building brand awareness and equity. It is one of the most unique assets for your brand and gives you access to a marketing platform you can use at all stages of the consumer decision journey (awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty). 

A sponsorship creates an immediate emotional connection with the fans and viewers plus allows you to get your message through and start discussions about your brand. 

Sport marketing is a strategic platform to integrate into your marketing plans and organization as a whole so that benefits can be used at every level. Rights and benefits attached to a sponsorship contract traditionally include: Logo visibility, VIP and regular tickets to events, product integration, promotional rights, private appearances from the athletes, CRM and database exchange, signed merchandise and much more.