A. Lifestyle Experiences

Below are some examples of the packages we offer. Please contact us directly for tailor-made packages based around a particular market, customer base, or experience.

  1. Exclusive VIP Tickets at a Sporting Event:
    Mandaray has access to tickets that are not for sale on the market. These tickets are exclusively reserved for VIPs of the teams or athletes and can only be bought through personal connections. Most of the time, they include exclusive privileges such as meeting with the athletes or going behind-the-scenes (e.g. onto the football pitch, into the F1 garages, etc.).

  2. Walk-on-Sets in Hollywood:

    Get on the set of your favorite TV series and see the stars perform in front of the camera. Meet with the actors and producers in-between takes and tour the studio with a private guide. ​

  3. ​Backstage Meet-and-Greet at a Concert: 
    Meet your favorite artists backstage before a concert. Spend intimate moments with the band and take photos to remember unique moments. Complete the experience by attending the sound check or by booking a private VIP suite or front row tickets. 

  4. ​​Visit an F1 factory:

    If you're a fan of racing, this program is for you. Come to England to visit a Formula One team headquarters. Witness the engineers working on new pieces for the upcoming race and visit the R&D center,  wind tunnel, museum, simulator and many more workshops. Also meet with team executives to understand the challenges behind an F1 car. For larger groups or business visitors, we can arrange lunch or dinner within the museum plus conference and meeting room facilities. 

  5. Fashion Show Attendance:
    Fly to Paris, New York or Milan to attend some of the most coveted fashion shows. Be seated in premium or VIP areas to get the best view of the show. Attend the private after-party and mingle with stars, models and media covering the event. 

Building loyalty by rewarding your best clients

Vip programs

b. extreme Experiences

 Below are some example of the packages we can offer. Please contact us directly for tailor-made packages around a particular market / customer base / experience

  1. Supercar drive events on ice / in European country-side / on closed track 
    Get behind the wheel of a supercar with your friend or customers. Possibility of driving in Europe, Asia or US, on various terrains – on snow and ice, in a unique landscape such as the tortuous roads of northern Italy, or on a track. 

  2. F1 driving week-end 

    Learn how to drive a real F1 car! A 2 day week-end where you will learn from the pros how to drive like a F1 driver. Start on a small racing car, and rapidly drive your way up to a real F1. Guests will be provided with their tailor made racing overall, as well as a full support team that includes physiotherapist, drive instructor, engineers and mechanics. 

  3. ​"Hot Laps" with a professional driver                                             

    Experience first-hand how a professional racer drives his car. Get strapped in the passenger seat and get ready to be shaken! 
    NOTE: Possibility of hiring a driver to give you racing lessons on your own car. Please contact us directly for details. 

  4. Extreme sailing 

    Get aboard some of the fastest boats in the world in full racing mode! You will never get closer to the action than this and you can not help but marvel at the skill and stamina of the sailors as they manhandle their carbon flying machines around the racecourse at mind boggling speeds.