Brand loyalty is essential today and every company is looking for ways to reward their investors and top customers. Mandaray gives you exclusive access to priceless experiences which create a lasting impression. 

​Reach millions of fans and associate your brand with some of the most prestigious events and teams. See how such a brand asset can help you win in the global marketplace. 

Become a shareholder of a sports team or invest in a major movie production. 


Sport  marketing

VIp programs

Hire a celebrity to become the ambassador for your brand and promote it to his or her fans and to the general public. Successful partnerships bring tremendous value and emotion.

Celebrity  endorsement

Hire a celebrity or world-renowned expert to motivate your sales team, animate a symposium debate or participate in a series of forums tailored for potential customers. Speakers can also be booked for special events such as an opening ceremony or graduation.

Keynote speakers